A Thousand Words, Volume 12

February 23, 2023

A Thousand Words, Volume 12

Thousand was founded with a goal to help save a thousand lives by making helmets that people actually wanted to wear. After losing my mentor in a bike accident, my heart has always been after keeping people safe and creating tools that would make safety seamless for every rider. 

 After eight years, I am happy to report that we've replaced more than 1000 helmets through our Accident Replacement program. Hitting this milestone is so humbling and serves as a constant reminder of why we do what we do. We have a lot of big things coming, and our goal is to help save another 1000 lives by equipping you with gear that empowers you to ride through your city with safety and confidence. 

Thank you for taking us along for your rides; we're so excited to share with you what's to come!



Dubai is creating a 58 mile highway loop mile highway loop where residents can walk and cycle to get around the city. 

 Our hero this week is Sky Brown - the 14 year old who just became the newest skateboarding world champion. 

 Take a ride from the 19th century to now and discover the rich legacy of Black cycling in NYC.

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