A Thousand Words, Volume 18

October 24, 2023

A Thousand Words, Volume 18

Our philosophy has always hinged on the idea that if we can make safety convenient and seamless, participation will increase in not only ridership, but in safer riding. I’m thrilled to unveil yet another step in our mission to identify and solve issues for all riders with our new Crossbody Handlebar Bag.
Understanding riders’ challenges both during and beyond their commute and biking experience is how we inform our unique design process. This bag meets the needs and wants of urban commuters who prefer accessories to elevate their personal style, enhance their ability to travel with ease and increase their safety.
So whether you're on two wheels, four wheels, or on foot, this versatile bag will seamlessly transition from a bag for your bike to a bag for yourself.

We hope you love our new bag as much as we do, and remember to enjoy the ride—from journey to destination.

– GLORIA HWANG, Founder and CEO

Q: How long did it take to develop the bag?

A: The whole process took about 11 months of development time. We made about 8 different prototypes with a mixture of different sizes and colors.

Q: What is Thousand's goal with this bag? 

A: Our goal was to design a bag that could be aesthetically attractive, have a premium look, and easily transition from handlebar to body and vice versa.

Q: How is it different than what else is out there?

A: Its value—this is the best multi-modal bag at $49. It has all the same premium features as other brands but at a better price point.

Q: Are there any other features that set it apart? 

A: Riders are going to love its quick release buckles, water repellent outer shell and zippers, unique handlebar attachments, and secure pocket. 

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