A Thousand Words, Volume 4

June 17, 2022

A Thousand Words, Volume 4

 As an Asian-American female founder Asian-American female founder in the outdoor industry, I know how it feels to be the odd one out – so I wanted Thousand to be a place where "outsiders" like me have a seat at the table. Today, I'm proud to say we have an extremely diverse group of people on our team, but the work isn't over. We're continuing to stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing measures to remove bias from our hiring process; adding skill building and mentoring workshops for our junior employees; and benchmarking all salaries to ensure they're in line with the market. As we continue our work to make Thousand a fair and equitable space for all, I want to thank you for your support. Because of you, we're able to bring diverse voices, backgrounds, and perspectives together and make the world and the outdoor industry a better place for it. 

– Gloria Hwang, Founder and CEO

We can't wait to travel around the world and take these 7 urban riding trails in great bike cities.

This is how a daycare in Amsterdam picks up kids from school. Now can someone please make one for adults?

Looking for an e-bike but not sure which one to get? This Twitter thread from Lava Sunder goes over the pros and cons of some of the most popular e-bikes in the US.

Earlier this year, we were honored to partner with The Common Wheel, an organization in Lancaster, PA that's on a mission to transform their community through the power of bikes. At their Spring Bike Fling, they gave our helmets and refurbished bikes to kids with a goal to increase student ridership and celebrate all of the fun, unique, and revolutionary things a bike can do. 

"The Common Wheel is privileged to provide over 200 elementary-aged kids lovingly refurbished bicycles, quality helmets from Thousand, and cheeky accessories. Children learn safe riding skills through a bike rodeo. For many kids, this is their very first bike and exposure to the amazing world that comes along with it!" 
-Adriana Atencio, Executive Director

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