A Thousand Words, Volume 7

October 18, 2022

A Thousand Words, Volume 7

As fall creeps closer, it's important to switch up your riding habits so they're appropriate for the season. Here are our team's top tips for riding from summer to fall:
  1. "Fall weather can be unpredictable. I always bike with layers so I can bundle up if there's a breeze or stay comfortable if it's hotter than I expected." – Chloe, Brand Marketing 
  2. "The days are shorter, so I make it a point to ride with a set of Traveler Lights. I love that I can install or remove them from the mount easily when I run quick errands on my bike." – Eric, Product
  3. "This is one of my favorite times of the year to go for rides! My advice: go slow and take in the sights of the season." – Carly, Creative

The most effective solutions to improving urban transportation might be as simple as fixing sidewalks and building better bus stops.

Feeling a little down? Brodie the Doodgoing for a ride in his dog backpack will make you smile. 

The non-profit Shared Mobility is repurposing scrapped e-bikes into an E-Bike Library that residents in Buffalo can rent for two weeks at a time – for free. 

When you build a custom riding kit in our Ride Shop, you can shop and save. The more products you add to your cart, the bigger your exclusive discount will be. Are you ready to build a bundle for fall riding?

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