A Thousand Words, Volume 3

May 19, 2022

A Thousand Words

Thousand started back in 2015 with a goal to help save 1000 lives by making safety seamless with a helmet people actually want to wear. Now, 7 years later, even as we're growing and expanding, we'll never lose sight of how we can help all types of riders access their cities in ways that are healthier, more sustainable, and more fun than their cars. And the best part is that we're still saving lives. To date, through our Accident Replacement policy, we've replaced 722 helmets. That's over 700 real people who are still riding safely today.

 I'm so grateful for your support – together, we can transform our communities by choosing a better way to move around our cities.

– Gloria Hwang, Founder and CEO

Is it possible to survive in LA without a car? Adam Conover is here to show you that it is.

We can't stop staring at this New York bike map in the style of an MTA subway map.

The next time you order delivery, keep an eye out... is your order coming by car or e-bike?

Have you seen our new spring colorways, Jacaranda Purple and So Silver? These online-exclusive colors are inspired by our hometown, Los Angeles. Our founder Gloria is partial to the spring hue of Jacaranda Purple.

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