September 24, 2018

Natasha Case Founder of Coolhaus Ice Cream

As a female-founded brand, we love to celebrate other women-owned businesses who are making waves in their industries. Throughout her career, Natasha Case, founder of LA-based ice cream brand Cool Haus, has always sought out to go beyond the status quo and encourage other creators and entrepreneurs to chase after their dreams. 

We grabbed a scoop of ice cream with Natasha and spent some time chatting about her journey as a female entrepreneur, her favorite Cool Haus memories, and her secret hang out spots in Los Angeles. 

THOUSAND: Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey – how did your experiences lead you to create Coolhaus?              

NATASHA CASE: I think I've always questioned the system, but wanted to learn the rules and then break them - that was definitely part of my approach in architecture school. I've always loved people and loved making something creative but then making it available for all. I've always loved leading and inspiring... I love to hustle. So, I think all these things amount to be a good fit as an entrepreneur, but I found entrepreneurship more by process of elimination. I think before I met Freya and saw my food + architecture idea as a business, I thought of it more as a passionate hobby/art project. But once the business foundation started to set-in, I think I really hit my stride in finding something that I wanted to work on tirelessly - that I loved enough to devote myself to. 

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck
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T: Coolhaus proudly wears its “Women Owned” badge everywhere. What advice do you have for fellow female entrepreneurs just starting out?             

Coolhaus Women Owned sign

NC: Think big and think of how you, personally, fit into that vision. Make sure you can check all the boxes of starting something awesome that you believe in, but that you will also be personally satisfied and living the lifestyle you want.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

T: What were some of the most memorable successes and challenges you faced when starting and growing Coolhaus? What are some of your favorite moments in Coolhaus history?      

NC: So many insanely amazing moments to choose from... and I'm truly, truly lucky for that. I would say top of the list is launching at Whole Foods, my last birthday where my team got mimosas and brought in a delicious lunch to celebrate---nothing out of the ordinary but it was extraordinary---feeling the love and appreciation from my team (not to mention, I'm often not in town for my bday - so it was nice to celebrate with the people that spend their every day helping making my wild architecture + ice cream dream possible), launching internationally (we are sold in 8 foreign countries in Asia/The Middle East), just in general myself or hearing about someone finding product where you didn't expect it: Martha's Vineyard, The Grand Canyon, Hawaii... I love knowing we are getting the best ice cream possible into hands and mouths everywhere! Speaking at Project Nosh in NYC this year, winning best chef at Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit (and getting on that list in general---which led to an amazing celebration in Austin with Shaq and John Paul Dejoria... our five year Coolhaus anniversary party (and we're going on 10 years next year!), and filming our brand video this year with Cindy Crawford...

Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich

T: What's next for Coolhaus?

NC: We are coming out with plant-based pints and sandwiches for grocery in 2019, and in 2020 we will be launching a whole new novelty line!


Check it out below or get it here.

Natasha's Map

1. Highly Likely for breakfast 

2. Delicious Pizza for... well... pizza, but also great vibes

3. Hayden for oysters and wine at happy hour

4. Loqui for tacos (obsessed with their house made flour tortillas) 

5. New School for mid-day tea break

6. Bar & Garden for wine (they have a taste 5 wines for $5 event on Fridays that is obviously amazing) and craft spirits

7. Hi-Lo is next door which has an amazing beer selection

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