July 18, 2019

Old bike helmet sketches

Thousand started on Kickstarter with the Heritage Collection, and our original collection is still the core of our brand. We like to think our helmets looks like something you might find in your grandparents' garage, but with modern details that fit seamlessly into your life.

Inspired by the simple shape of vintage moto lids, we worked with our industrial designer for over a year to create helmets that perfectly blended safety, style, and convenience.

Old bike helmet mold

Most importantly, we wanted to make sure that our helmets work. We put the Heritage Collection through rigorous testing, including impact testing, chemical testing, and various weather simulations to ensure they're safe for bicycling, skateboarding, and more. Our helmets are CE and CPSC certified – the European and North American safety standards for bicycle helmets, and ASTM F1492 certified for skateboard helmets.

Gold bike helmet

Our favorite part of product development is picking colorways – and we can be such perfectionists about it that just choosing a color takes months. We find a lot of inspiration in 60s and 70s Americana, especially in car and motorcycle culture. In fact, we spent months playing with Willowbrook Mint's light green hue until it perfectly matched its inspiration – the classic 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible.

Green bike helmet
bike helmets

Our helmets might look vintage, but they're full of thoughtful details made for modern life. You'll never have to lug your helmet around again with our signature feature, the PopLock. It's the most convenient, secure way to lock up your helmet and it's backed by our Anti-Theft Guarantee. If your helmet's ever stolen while locked through the PopLock, we'll replace it for free.

Blue bike helmet

From the classic shape to the one-handed magnetic buckle, every little bit of the Heritage Collection came from our human-centered design process. With your feedback, we've designed something with you and for you – so you can call yourself a bit of a product developer too.

We hope you love your helmet. Let's ride.

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