June 18, 2019

Los Angeles Summer

Our favorite way to spend our summer days is getting on a bike and exploring our city. We caught up with Kelly Harris of Hi-Lo Liquor and Midland to find out what makes her neighborhood special, why she loves biking, and to show us around her favorite spots in her neighborhood, Culver City. Get her map here and get ready to explore LA – you just might discover something new.

Kelly Harris with black bike helmet

THOUSAND: Tell us a little about yourself.

KELLY HARRIS: I’m Kelly Harris, co-owner of Midland and Hi-Lo.  I’m a mama of three kids, Lucy (5), Coco (3), Van (1). I’m a Virgo through and through. I’m a sucker for a good coffee, a great taco, and the perfect cocktail.

Kelly wearing black bike helmet

T: How did you get involved with Hi-Lo and Midland?

KH: Midland is the latest project between myself and my business partner / sister wife Paige Appel.  We previously owned an event planning company for almost ten years. When we were ready to move on from that business, we created Midland as a sanctuary space and as an intentional business that would align better with our values.  We curate items from designers and brands that share an ethos in quality, sustainability, and good design.  We’ve created a strong community through our #midlandgalsforchange campaigns and are continuously seeking out ways to bring people together for positive change.  Hi-Lo was started with our other life partners, my husband Chris, and Paige’s partner Talmadge.  They became good friends over the years and wanted to create something together as well.  For that partnership Hi-Lo was born - our modern day liquor store / bodega.

Kelly with black bike helmet
Freedom to bike

T: What is your favorite thing about Culver City?              

KH: I’ve seen Culver City change so much over the past ten years, but what I love most about it is that the heart of this little city within a city has remained the same.  There is a beautiful community here with local businesses, families, residents, etc.  We feel lucky to be a part of the community.

T: What is so special to you about exploring your neighborhood by bike?

KH: We spend so. much. time. in. cars. in Los Angeles.  There’s a freedom to hopping on a bike and riding around the neighborhood.  I always feel much more present when I’m riding my bike.  I see the leaves blowing in the trees.  Hear the birds.  I notice more.  It really allows me to see my neighborhood in a way I just can’t when I’m cruising in my car.             

Check it out below or get it here.

Culver City Los Angeles Map

1. Blue Bottle → for a morning pick me up in the form of an oat milk latte.

2. Hi-Lo Liquor → for Vybes CBD drinks, mid-day snacks and an ever changing rotation of rad craft beers to bring home.

3. Midland → for well-curated, well-intentioned gifts for family, friends and me. Mostly me!

4. TenOverTen → for a little self care in the form of a non-toxic pedicure.

5. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook → for connecting to nature and getting my heart rate going.

6. Arcana → for inspiration and a covetable coffee table collection

7. Simonette at the Palihotel → for a tasty burger and perfectly balanced cocktails, also a great place to take a meeting.

8. Loqui → for mushroom tacos on homemade flour tortillas.

9. Cool Haus → for awesomely inspired ice cream flavors like Campfire S’mores and Milkshake & Fries.

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