July 02, 2019

Downtown Los Angeles Summer

The Thousand x Poketo Collection, our first collaboration, launches next week. To celebrate, we asked Poketo co-founders Angie, Ted, and rest of the team to show us around the places in DTLA that inspire them and remind them that art, design, and creativity are everywhere. Get their map here and read on to learn more about Poketo and their philosophy, "art for your every day."

bike helmet

THOUSAND: Tell us a little bit about the Thousand x Poketo collaboration and the idea behind it.

ANGIE AND TED: After the Los Angeles Art Guide that we created with Thousand last year, we talked briefly about doing a collaboration together. This year, when Thousand reached out to us with the idea of bringing fun and design into their design oriented helmets, we jumped at the opportunity.

Thousand x Poketo collaboration bike helmets

T: What made this collaboration a natural brand fit? 

A & T: Thousand's mission to build community through riding is so aligned with Poketo's own mission of collaboration, community and friendship. Bringing people together and creating positive change in our community is at the heart of both brands.

Thousand x Poketo collaboration bike helmets
Forming a community

T: What does Poketo's philosophy "Art for your everyday" mean?              

A & T: "Art for your everyday" is about living a creative lifestyle full of joy, fun, color, community, and curiosity. Every day can be artful and inspiring, whether it's a meaningful object you bring into your home, traveling to new places, or wearing that artful bicycle helmet... living art everyday is about living your best, creative life.             


Check it out below or get it here.

Downtown Los Angeles Map

1. ROW DTLA → The coolest new community to hit Downtown LA. There are about 65 new, independent retailers and restaurants at ROW. There is free parking, it's pedestrian and bike friendly, a perfect way to dive into the a weekend of shopping and fun. Plus, our newest store, Poketo Project Space is there!

2. The Manufactory → We used to live around the corner from the original Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. It used to be our go-to for daily coffee, amazing pastries, and bread. The Manufactory in LA has it all... coffee, bread, ice cream, an amazing restaurant. It's a go to for a glass of wine and charcuterie with friends.

3. The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA → The latest in contemporary art and installations. A cavernous warehouse, always cool events.

4. Hauser & Wirth → A global gallery in a former furniture warehouse. Now, it's a world class gallery, restaurant, and organic garden.

5. Grand Central Market →  Nice way to explore the new LA food scene in a historic market. My go to spot is Sticky Rice, they specialize in Thai chicken rice.

6. Sushi Komasa → This is a cozy, family owned sushi place right up the street from Poketo. They know us by name now. I love the familiar vibe and nourishing food. A great place for a Friday, after work dinner.

7. Poketo in Little Tokyo → It's nice to be in the middle of it all.

8. Pho 87 in Chinatown → It's a hole in the wall, we love it. When you are in need of comfort food, my go to is the chicken pho.

9. LA Boulders → A climbing gym in the Arts District... so much fun. We often bike there and get our climb on.

10. Guerrilla Tacos→ Wes Avila knows how to make a gourmet and affordable taco. I love the uni taco and the grilled calamari. Originally a food truck, this is his first restaurant.

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