June 28, 2019

Portland Summer

When she's on tour with her band, The Greeting Committee, Addie Sartino loves to take a break to explore the cities she finds herself in. We sat down with her to catch up about her band, why she loves biking, and what makes Portland one of her favorite cities to see while on tour. Get her map here and explore the City of Roses on two wheels.

Retro bike helmet

THOUSAND: Tell us a little about yourself.

ADDIE SARTINO: I am the lead singer of The Greeting Committee. Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted to be a rockstar even though The Greeting Committee didn’t form until I was around 15.

Retro bike helmet

T: What is your favorite thing about Portland?

AS: I love Portland because it has the beautiful balance of nature and city. The greenery is always exploding, as well as your options for adventure.

Growing up would bike everywhere

T: What do you love about exploring places by bike?

AS: It’s much more exciting going somewhere than it is returning and focusing on enjoying the journey more than the destination. It can be hard sometimes though, especially when the destinations are cities as wonderful as Portland.


Check it out below or get it here.

Portland map

1. Salt & Straw → This ice cream is the best in the universe. Every month they bring in a limited menu in addition to their classic menu. The workers are always friendly and never make you feel guilty for sampling flavors. And if you’re like me, you’ll sample them all. Always. Even when you know what they taste like. 

2. Pine State Biscuits → It’s worth the wait because, yes, there will be a line. I always go for a classic egg and cheese biscuit, but you can’t go wrong with the great menu. I always make sure to hit this place when I am in Portland. 

3. Boxer Ramen → Touring leaves you with a lot of fast food, so when I want to spoil myself I typically go for ramen. In my opinion, there’s a lot of good ramen around, but nothing beats Boxer Ramen for me. The atmosphere is good and the food is great. 

4. Powell's Book Store → I could spend hours in this multi-level bookstore. It is fantastic for people watching, as well as finding your next read. I especially love the special room upstairs that hold originals, limited editions, and other books that sleep behind lock and key. 

5. Multnomah Falls → The first time The Greeting Committee ever played Portland, we hiked here and fell in love. We also got lost. But the view was breathtaking so we didn’t mind. 

6. Wonder Ballroom → Portland is full of so many fantastic venues, but there is something special about Wonder Ballroom to me. I definitely recommend checking out a show here. 

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