January 14, 2021

A Brave New Year

2020 was a memorable year, not only because of everything that happened, but also because of the lessons we learned. 2020 left us asking questions like, "What kind of world do we want to live in going forward?" and "How will we make 2021 a better time to live?"

To kick off 2021, we're empowering our team to build a better future and live out their own values by donating to the 501(c)(3) non-profit of their choice in their names.

Get to know some of our team members, their personal values, and the organizations they chose to give to in order to shape a better future.

National Forest Foundation


"In 2020 we saw our world set on fire quite literally. From the record-setting wildfires in Australia and the Amazon to our own home here in California and the west coast, we lost an important player in our planet’s climate system: forests. In addition to providing clean air and a place for recreation, our forests are home to so many insects and wildlife that play a major role in our global ecosystem. I’m giving to National Forest Foundation and their California Wildfire Restoration Fund for the third year in a row. Through this fund, they will plant one native tree on a National Forest in California for every dollar donated. Now THAT’S a hi-5 for the planet!" – Brennan


 "I've always been interested in and inspired by the outdoors, but growing up, I never saw people who looked like me when I flipped through Nat Geo magazines or watched a nature documentary. There's a striking lack of diversity and representation of BIPOC women in the outdoors, but Hike Clerb is working to change that. They're an LA-based non-profit focused on bringing more womxn of color into the outdoor space by giving them the resources, tools, and experiences they need to enjoy nature in LA and beyond. I'm donating to Hike Clerb so that more people like me can realize that the outdoors is open to everyone and experience the joys of being outside." – Chloe

No Us Without You


"No Us Without You is an amazing public charity here in Los Angeles that is working to provide food security for our undocumented back of house staff and their families. During these times, I am glad to see an organization doing what they can to provide food for some of the often overlooked or forgotten members of our community. After all, growing up with a hard-working immigrant mother, I remember the times we had enough because of the food boxes we got from local churches, schools, or other organizations." – Bianca

RIP Medical Debt


"This year I wanted to give my contribution to RIP Medical Debt. During our holiday wish campaign, I was moved by the countless medical related wishes received... I wanted to grant all these wishes! I researched and learned that half of all American debt is medical; 1 in 4 American families have medical debt; and Americans have $1 trillion worth of medical debt! This won't be paid but collection agencies will continue to come after individuals nonetheless. RIP Medical Debt purchases the debt from hospitals for pennies on the dollar and forgives the debt in full. They have helped over 1,993,000 people get out of over $2.9 billion of medical debt.

My $1,000 donation could result in $100,000 of medical debt being forgiven (theoretically – obviously each debt package they purchase is different). But I am very grateful to Thousand for providing this opportunity to make a large impact on very personal level." – Carly

Together, our growing team donated over $11,700 to organizations close to their personal values and passions, from fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights to helping those affected by the pandemic. As a brand that is guided by our own values, we're so excited and grateful for the opportunity to help our team create the world they want to see and build a better future.

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